Surface coating with wet paint has been adopted in the industry for many years and many companies have preferred wet paint as a paint application in the final stage of their products.
Industrial wet painting facilities provide the desired paint quality with suitable solutions for different products with the potential to custom design.
In developed countries, wet paint application in open areas is prohibited. Products such as paint, blasting, polyurethane, glue in open areas pollute the environment intensively and leave damages that will take years to clean. For this reason, it is very important to dispose of wet paint applications in closed environments. Increasing standards, the importance of cost analysis by companies, environmental conditions, occupational safety, etc. are other important reasons for indoor wet paint application.
The desired quality in wet painting is achieved with specially designed combined solutions that can perform painting and drying processes in the same dust-free environment.

3 different filtration options are offered according to paint consumption. These are;

Dry filtration,
Water curtain,
It’s venturia.

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