What is sandblasting?

Sandblasting is the process of cleaning or roughening grains whose raw material is sand or grit by hitting the surface with high air pressure.

Sandblasting varies according to the material and pressure to be applied. The sand or grit type materials used in the sandblasting process must be quartz and must not contain iron, salt and clay.

Abrasive materials used in sandblasting cannot be used again in another process. The reason for this is that during sandblasting, all the dirt on the sandblasted material will mix into the abrasive and spoil all its properties. Sandblasting is a branch of business that is needed in many areas in our country. It is successfully applied by our company in many business branches from construction to industry, decoration to automotive.

The most important fact that should not be forgotten in the sandblasting process is not to allow the use of poor quality workmanship and materials to reduce costs.


Sandblasting Booths

STORM Sandblasting Booths are closed-cycle booths in which the material placed inside is sandblasted manually or automatically.

In this system, the abrasive sprayed from the nozzle or gun with the help of compressed air; After working on the material, it is sucked from the area under the cabin and passed through the cyclone. Here, the particles that are too small to work are directed to the dust holding unit where the dust filters are located, while the large particles that will work are included in the system again under the cyclone and complete the cycle.
Suspended Automatic Shot Blasting Machines

Shot Blasting Boilers and Equipment

STORM provides global service in the field of shot blasting boilers and equipment. Shot blasting boiler is a type of shot blasting machine that can be used in open field works, sandblasting of non-portable surfaces (buildings, large steel structures, etc.) and can be taken anywhere as mobile. In addition, it can be used in sandblasting rooms for sandblasting portable large parts.

STORM offers equipment such as sandblasting mask, sandblasting hose, sandblasting boiler, sandblasting nozzles, etc., which have CE certificate and set international norms and standards. Our company offers you quality in product and service, timely delivery, after-sales service and reasonable price options with sandblasting boilers that work smoothly with this product range.

It provides continuous sandblasting of parts that can be sandblasted in mass production sandblasting machines. Sandblasting is done by loading the parts on the hangers on the machine.

Automatic Sheet and Profile Shot Blasting Machines

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