Due to the structure of the paint and the painting technique, powder coating has excellent coating ability and shows excellent resistance to abrasion, corrosion, chemical effects and impacts. It ensures durable and high quality production. This eliminates the damages caused by faulty production and increases the volume of business based on quality.
Powder coating systems are very easy to maintain, the paint booth and guns are easily cleaned and quickly ready for reuse for another color shot. In addition, thanks to the wheeled structure of the paint booth, a second booth can be included in the system, allowing different colors to be applied immediately.
Powder coating, which is an environmentally friendly process, does not contain any volatile petroleum-based (solvents). This not only protects the environment but also worker health. In addition, for the same reason, it eliminates the expenses arising from the use of solvents and reduces costs.
Due to the structure of the paint and the disposal technique and the design of the paint booth; the excess paint is accumulated in the lower chest of the booth and reused and does not cause waste. This reduces the input cost as it provides almost 50% paint gain. It is much more economical since there is no paint loss.
No priming costs are incurred as it generally does not require pre-painting.
Provides labor and cost advantages since it is used as it is purchased from the powder coating manufacturer and does not require pre-mixing or preparation for use.

Since it does not require the use of mixing air and all ambient air is filtered and returned to the environment, it eliminates the need for a mixing air device, eliminating device costs and maintenance costs.
Since it is much easier to include and adapt to automation than other systems, it prevents labor and time loss and increases productivity in all kinds of enterprises.
Since the system is suitable for fully automatic dyeing, it eliminates the human error factor in the cleaning and dyeing stages and prevents labor and cost loss due to re-dyeing.

As a result; when all these issues are evaluated, powder coating is more advantageous than traditional coating systems and is a profitable investment that pays off the initial investment cost in a short time.
Depending on the intensity of production and investment cost, Trolley Box Type and Conveyor Tunnel Type plants can be installed.

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