STORM Positive Pressure Wet Paint Booths are designed for paint removal in all seasonal conditions.
Substances such as electrostatic powder paint, wet paint, blasting, primer paint, which pollute the environment intensively and are extremely harmful to human health, must be filtered and discharged. Positive pressure wet paint disposal booths are manufactured from polyurethane panels or sandwich panels. Thanks to the cell fan on the system, the air taken from the external environment is conditioned at the desired degree and humidity ratio and directed into the cabin at a pressure of 1.2 atmospheres. Thanks to the positive pressure created in the positive pressure cabinet, the entry of unwanted dust from the external environment is prevented. The desired relative humidity in the cabin can be adjusted manually or automatically. EU5 filters mounted on the top of the cabinet are manufactured in cartridge form.

Thanks to the sockets on the side of the filters, they can be easily removed and cleaned.
Positive pressure cabinets are manufactured as disassembled. Room dimensions are designed according to the dimensions of the parts to be painted.
The doors used are sliding type. Sealing is provided.
Emergency exit doors are available in the room. Positive pressure wet paint booths are also sealed and special production glasses are used in the booths.
Standard and special booths are produced.

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