STORM Wet Paint Drying Ovens work on the principle of loading the workpiece into the oven with a hanger or manually. Baking and drying ovens are produced as sandwich panels on the chassis and disassembled. Drying oven panels are insulated with 50 mm glass wool or polyurethane insulation material as standard. Air circulation in the drying oven is provided homogeneously thanks to the cell fan placed on the side or top of the oven.

Wet Paint Drying Ovens operate in closed circuit. Thanks to the exhaust fans placed at the top of the oven, the solvent vapor formed in the oven is discharged at certain intervals. In this way, the risk of fire is eliminated.
Thanks to the EU5 filters placed on the upper part of the oven, the dust that may come from the external environment on the part is kept at a rate of 98%, thus the surface quality is protected at the maximum level.
The doors used in the ovens are sliding type. Tightness is ensured.

Air adjustment is made by means of adjustable grilles on the opposite wall of the oven. Temperature control is done by the digital control panel placed inside the oven. Wet Paint Drying Ovens stop automatically when it reaches the desired temperature. The cooking temperature can be adjusted by means of the digital clock on the control panel. Oven dimensions are produced according to the dimensions of the parts to be painted.

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