Dust collection system is a widely used method to improve air quality in working environments in industry.
Thanks to the dust collection system, the quality of the inhaled air is improved.
This process is achieved by separating the particles formed in the air depending on the environment.
The particles formed in the air are transferred to the dust collector filters thanks to the suction power provided by the dust collector unit.
It is a system designed to remove particles such as dust, sawdust, pigment, etc., which are generally formed in the production area in sectors such as machining, wood products, automotive, chemistry, metal, etc. and to create a more suitable working environment by filtering the ambient air.


STORM Sanding Cabinets are special designs that care about values such as environmental conditions, occupational safety and human health.
Sanding in open environments is prohibited in developed countries. The dust particles coming out of the workpiece sanded manually in the Sanding Cabinets are absorbed by special grooves on the base and collected in the dust collection unit.
The cabinet operates on the principle of negative pressure. The air and sanding dust sucked by the dust collection unit creates negative pressure in the internal environment.
Thanks to the EU3 filters placed on the top of the cabin to balance the air, the air is balanced and a flow is provided towards the lower floor. Due to this ergonomic structure of the sanding rooms, human health is protected at maximum level.
The electrical panel is placed on the room and internal wiring is installed. Luminaires are preferred as Zone 3 class Exproof 500 luxury against fire risk. Room building material is st 37, galvanized, room doors are sliding type. It is produced as standard and non-standard.



Industrial filter systems collect and remove vapors, including particulate matter (dust, smoke, fibers) and gases that create an unhealthy and undesirable atmosphere. Exhaust systems also recover usable material and keep the factory environment clean, while removing excess heat and humidity.
Filters are dry-type dust collector systems that use bags to trap dust suspended in the dirty gas stream. Bag filters are better than electrostatic filters in terms of dust holding efficiency and capacity to fulfill legal requirements. However, they are subject to limitations such as temperature and type of gas.
Jet-Pulse Bag Filters take the first place among the most preferred filter types today with their solutions to dust removal problems. The principle of Jet-Pulse Filters is that the dusty gas is passed through the outer surface of a felt-based bag and the dust accumulated on the outer surface of the bag is shaken with compressed air and collected in the banker under the body.

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