The purpose of Surface Cleaning Lines is to provide a suitable surface for a quality paint process and to create a suitable surface quality for paint by cleaning the surface of the part from substances that prevent paint adhesion such as oil, rust, etc.

Surface Cleaning Lines are designed and installed by us in line with the needs and requests of our customers, according to the layout of the system and the most suitable workflow.

System selection is made according to the shape of the part, the area where it will be used and corrosion resistance. The systems are equipped with the most efficient heating, vaporizing and plc control equipment. These systems are degreasing, rinsing, demineralized rinsing, iron and zinc phosphate coating and cataphoresis baths.

The systems are generally divided into three categories:


In the spray cleaning method, the chemical is applied to the part with a certain pressure. Thanks to this system, continuous and untouched production can be carried out on a conveyor line and extremely positive results are obtained.
The system has parts such as spray nozzles, heat exchangers, dosing pumps and vapor extraction systems.



Pre-paint surface preparation is the first step in the painting process.
The dipping system can be produced as robot or crane controlled.
The systems are equipped with the most efficient heating, vapor removal and plc control equipment.
System selection should be made according to the shape of the part, the area to be used and corrosion resistance.



Our company manufactures chemical cleaning systems for the washing of high volume materials. Chemical Cleaning Systems can include different units according to customer requirements. The passage of the parts to be cleaned between the units is provided by a conveyor belt system. In many applications, the belt moves on a fixed straight line. The speed of the moving belt can be adjusted by digital control.

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