What is Cataphoresis Coating?
Cataphoresis paint is an electroplating process based on the principles of electrochemistry. It is a very effective coating method for protecting complex, geometric metal parts with conductive properties from corrosion by painting.

Advantages (.) and Disadvantages (x) of Cataphoresis Coating
x Compared to powder coating and spray systems, installation costs are high and energy intensive.

x Mixing in the bath must be maintained even after production is finished.

Cataphoresis coating, on the other hand;

automated operation
fast coating
high corrosion resistance
suitable for coating complex surfaces
easy control of film thickness
environmentally friendly (does not pollute air and water)
It is superior to other coating types with its features such as high efficiency and quality.

Cataphoresis coating is the most ideal among the coating types due to its fire hazard, solid waste and harmlessness to human health, economic and ease of application.

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